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Automatic Vs. Automated Bill Pay

Think of standard, automatic bill payment (Not Us) like cruise control. You can hit the cruise control button and your car will maintain speed. But it’s not going to keep you between the lines, or alert you to obstructions in the road, or break for squirrels. BillSage is Tesla, like a self-driving car. You hit the automated BillSage button, and you can have the peace of mind that everything will be handled. You can read a book, check your Facebook feed, or take a nap. If there is something important you need to know about, we will alert you. Otherwise, you go on about your business, you’ve got better things to be doing.

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We are a company that believes in using technology to simplify lives. In this day and age there is little reason to spend your precious time on something that should be completely automated.

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BillSage allows me to spend more of my free time focusing on friends and family and not wasting time each month paying bills. This alone justifies the nominal monthly fee they charge to complete a chore that otherwise I would be stuck with. I highly recommend this service to anyone who values their time.

– Kristy S.

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