We are a company that believes in using technology to simplify lives. We believe that in this day and age there is little reason to spend your precious time on something that should be completely automated.

We strive to make your recurring bills as hands-off as possible. Our goal, once you are setup, is to stay in the background of your life. We will do what we do best, and contact you only if necessary.

No.  All of the bills still remain in your name.  BillSage is only automating payment of those bills each month on your behalf.  You will still handle any billing disputes, changes to service, etc.  BillSage can provide documentation and copies of bills, payments, and related information regarding your bills.  BillSage is not an authorized contact for your bills.  Thus we cannot call, email, or otherwise directly contact any of your bill providers.  You are still responsible for, and fully retain ownership of those accounts.

BillSage firmly believes in maintaining the privacy and security of our users.  We do not sell, share, publish, or disseminate any of our users personal information to other companies to make revenue for referrals, sales, or marketing.  We side with our users to protect their data, because of the sensitive nature of financial information.   It is too great of a risk to share this information in any fashion.  Furthermore, we seek to make money through honest and upfront pricing for our service.  So we do not need to sell user’s data or provide intrusive advertising to generate revenue.  Your data is only used for processing and operations. That means we only give the minimal amount of information required to verified vendors in order to pay your bills.  Rest assured that your financial and personal data is safe with us.

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