Why BillSage

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The OLD way of paying bills

  • Lots of Bills
  • Lots of Payments
  • Lots of Bank Drafts

The BillSage way to pay bills

  • One Bill
  •  One Payment
  •  One Bank Draft

Make the most of your time with PEACE OF MIND

  • We do all the work so you have more time to spend relaxing.
  • Worry no more about the late payments as we make sure that all your bills are paid right on time.
  • Know exactly how much you need to budget every month for bills.

BillSage is a revolutionary payment system that simplifies the process of paying your bills. Instead of doling out multiple checks to various service providers over the course of the month, BillSage users send in a single check each month and then BillSage ensures the timely payment of all the bills that are attached to your BillSage account.

BillSage is different than automated bill pay services in that it aggregates all your bills into a single budget-line item so that you know exactly how much you can spend the rest of the month. With standard bill pay, the user must track all of their auto-pay bills, how much is due, and which ones have cleared the bank. It is a time-consuming and error prone process. With BillSage, all that work is done for you. When you log-in to your bank account you can easily see how much you have to spend for the rest of the month.

BillSage is a must-have tool for anyone who is looking to achieve financial peace of mind.