BillSage Automated Budgeting System

BillSage Automated Budgeting System

The BillSage Automated Budgeting System

This is our system for how to take control of your finances with BillSage’s service and our unique Box Budgeting System.  We provide you the world’s easiest budgeting system, the tools to automate your budget, plans to save for retirement, emergencies, investing, and major purchases, and how to get out of debt.

Phase 1 – Plug the Leaky Bucket

If you are like most Americans you struggle creating and following a budget, and getting your bills paid on-time.  Perhaps you are just tired of the mundane monthly chores of paying the bills, and ready to automate the majority of your budget to give yourself peace of mind and time freedom.  So the first steps are to plug the leaky bucket, and make sure your money is going exactly where you want it to.  You need to create a monthly budget, make sure everything is getting paid on time, and control your spending.  Don’t fret!  We have developed a budgeting system and set of tools that are so simple, the only work you will do is setting them up.  Then our automated system keeps you on track, month after month, year after year.

Below are the first articles we recommend for our customers to read to first understand our simple Box Budgeting System, how BillSage works, how to get started with BillSage in 10 minutes, and then some simple steps you can take today to control your spending.  We recommend reading these in order, as concepts build on each other.

  1. BillSage Simplified Box Budgeting System – This is our unique budgeting system. Unlike traditional budgeting systems, you do not have to spend hours each week tracking every penny of spending.  Our Box Budgeting System works with how the majority of people naturally spend their money.
  2. How BillSage Works – Overview of how BillSage’s automated bill payment system works, and how this fits into the Box Budgeting System.  Once you get setup with BillSage, you have a virtual book-keeper making sure everything gets paid on-time, every-time.
  3. BillSage Online Budget Tool – Getting started with BillSage is simple.  Our online tool will walk you through building your budget in about 10 minutes and show you what your financial life can be like with BillSage. Go to to get started today!
  4. 5 Tips to Put the Clamp on Spending – After you have gotten started with BillSage, here is 5 simple steps you can take today to begin to control your spending
  5. BillSage New Customer Setup Process – This is an overview of the rest of the process to get your bills setup with BillSage so that everything is paid directly through BillSage without any action from you each month.

Phase 2 – Plan for the Future

After taking the steps above, you will have a monthly budget in place, using BillSage to pay your bills on time.  Now you are ready for the next steps to begin to prepare for the future.

  1. BillSage 7-3-3 Savings Plan – Once you have completed all of the steps in Phase 1, now you are ready to begin planning for the future.  The first step is to establish retirement savings, emergency savings, and investments.
  2. BillSage Financial Scoreboard – The Box Budgeting System is a simple month to month budgeting system.  Our Financial Scoreboard provides a holistic look at your financial picture by filling out only a few key pieces of information.
  3. BillSage In-depth Box Budgeting System – Now that you have a firm grasp on your monthly finances and saving for the future, we provide a deeper insight into the Box Budgeting System to gain better control and insight of your entire financial picture.
  4. Saving for major purchases – How to save for vacations, appliances, new cars, or whatever you dream to own.
  5. How to get out of debt – How to use the BillSage system to snowball your payments to get out of all the bad debt.